Leave it to birch's team of qualified staff

Both the Minneapolis and St Paul's cities continuously see a significant amount of snow fall over the winter season,
with temperatures dropping well below freezing. Our team of professionals are available to facilitate your commercial property
needs, with a variety of services and equipment available. You can trust our team of local and certified professionals to get the job done! 


Snow Services

  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Shoveling 
  • Snow Blowing
  • Snow Brooming
  • Salt/Sand services
  • Salt Services
  • Ice Melt Services
  • Snow Relocation
  • Snow Hauling
  • Snow Melting
I have worked with Birch for some time now and have always had excellent results. Their team, culture, and quality of service are topnotch. Highly recommended!
— Lance Govang

A professional team at your doorstep

Every job is different, however our hard-working team are available to make sure your home,
office or storefront is accessible in the snow.